5 Questions Intended Parents Should Ask When Interviewing a Surrogacy Agency

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5 Questions Intended Parents Should Ask When Interviewing a Surrogacy Agency

What is the timeline for matching with a surrogate through your agency?

Demand for surrogates has risen dramatically in recent years as the prevalence of infertility increases, and same-sex couples, single people look for ways to have biological children. While timelines for matching with a surrogate vary widely between agencies, most agencies have a wait time between 9-18 months. At Stronger Together Surrogacy we are proud to create intended parent matches in approximately one-third the average agency wait time. We find that many of our past and current surrogates refer other surrogates to us, which helps us to make matches relatively quickly.

What is your surrogate screening process prior to matching?

While many surrogacy agencies adhere to rigorous screening processes, a portion do not thoroughly vet potential surrogates. Some agencies might prioritize quantity over quality, quickly enlisting surrogates without delving into their medical histories or psychological well-being. Additionally, some agencies may lack standardized criteria for screening, allowing for variations in the thoroughness of assessments.

At Stronger Together Surrogacy, candidates go through an extensive screening process that includes a review of their health, pregnancy, and social history, and support system. We strive to get to know our surrogates and learn about their preferences, personalities, and what they envision for their journey so we can create a like-minded match. Next, a candidate’s medical records are screened to make sure their prior pregnancies were uncomplicated and to check for any other unqualifying factors. The final step is completing a background check. We verify financial stability and support systems, ensuring that surrogates are well-prepared for the journey ahead.

What services do you provide to intended parents and surrogates?

Before choosing an agency for an experience as momentous as surrogacy, knowing exactly what type of support to expect is wise.

At Stronger Together Surrogacy, we believe in being fully transparent and that taking a team approach is key to creating healthy and happy families. Our services include finding, screening, and matching you with a surrogate, providing continual guidance, information, and service throughout your journey, support events, one one-on-one support, and gifts to your surrogate throughout your journey. Our surrogates receive caring support and advice from team members who have all been surrogates themselves. Our private surrogate support group offers gestational carriers the opportunity to connect with other surrogates and celebrate milestones with each other.

How available are staff members to answer questions or deal with issues that arise? How quickly can I get support throughout the journey?

The surrogacy process can be complex and involves a lot of variables so choosing an agency that will be available to respond quickly will provide peace of mind and help to avoid unnecessary stress. At Stronger Together Surrogacy our team is available 24/7 for our surrogates and intended parents to answer questions or provide support whenever it may be needed. There is no weekend wait for urgent questions, we are there for you when you need us.

Does your agency allow intended parents and surrogates to choose their own legal representation?

Choosing independent legal representation is a crucial step in the surrogacy process to safeguard the interests and rights of both surrogates and intended parents. While using an agency’s in-house attorney might expedite the legal process, it is a conflict of interest for both a surrogate and intended parents to be represented by the same attorney. Our team is familiar with highly recommended ART attorneys in most states of the USA and can help direct you to excellent legal counsel who knows and understands your state’s laws regarding surrogacy.

In short, the significance of meticulously selecting a surrogacy agency cannot be overstated. The journey towards parenthood through surrogacy is a complex and emotional process, requiring trust, transparency, and expertise. A reputable agency serves as a guiding force, ensuring that both the intended parent(s) and surrogate navigate the experience with confidence and support. The choice of surrogacy agency shapes the entire experience, influencing the legal, medical, and emotional aspects of the journey. By making a thoughtful and informed decision in selecting an agency, one can improve the likelihood of a positive and successful surrogacy experience.