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7 Questions to Ask a Surrogacy Agency as a Potential Parent or Surrogate

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7 Questions to Ask a Surrogacy Agency as a Potential Parent or Surrogate

Despite the setback of a pandemic, the global surrogacy market has nearly doubled over the past decade. Currently, one out of every six couples worldwide experiences infertility problems and many same-sex couples seek a surrogate to carry a genetically related child, so the demand for gestational carriers has soared to new heights. 

Whether you’re reading this as a hopeful parent or a potential surrogate, it’s normal to have questions about the surrogacy process and to feel overwhelmed by the surprising number of surrogacy agencies available. Asking the following questions will aid you in making an informed decision about whether to move forward with one agency or move on to another. 

How are surrogates screened prior to matching? 

Working with an agency whose surrogates have already passed a psychological evaluation, received clearance from their OB, and passed a background check will provide a good head start, saving you time and the stress of matching with a surrogate to later find they failed the psychological evaluation or didn’t meet the medical requirements due to prior medical or life history. A reputable agency will only host match meetings after these basic clearances have been completed. 

What support services are provided? 

Knowing exactly what type of type of agency support can be expected for intended parent(s) and surrogate is essential. Will both parties receive one-on-one support throughout the entire surrogacy journey, from signing on to baby-in-arms, or will support be limited to certain times and events? Here at Stronger Together Surrogacy we understand that the unexpected is sometimes to be expected, and all questions deserve timely answers. Your assigned coordinator will be available 24/7 to answer questions and provide peace of mind when you need it. All our staff have either been surrogates or intended parents ourselves and we understand first-hand what it’s like to experience surrogacy. We are passionate about helping intended parents and surrogates experience the joy of surrogacy by providing all-encompassing, individualized support. We are here for you.

Does the agency display transparency regarding expenses and compensation?

The last thing anyone wants to worry about during their journey is unexpected expenses. Choosing an agency that is clear and upfront about all expected and potential costs for intended parents and provides a detailed compensation package for surrogates is vital to a smooth journey. Request an itemized expense sheet and compensation document. Included costs for intended parents are health insurance, life insurance, agency fees, legal fees, and itemized surrogate compensation. Surrogates should make sure medical expenses are not expected to be deducted from compensation and ought to know exactly when payments will be made. Ideally, an agency will utilize the services of an escrow company to ensure timely payments.

Will the agency be responsible for communication between fertility clinics, attorneys, and the delivery hospital to ensure all necessary information is exchanged on the correct timeline? 

Alleviating the stress of understanding and managing ALL the details is one of the perks of using an experienced surrogacy agency. At Stronger Together Surrogacy, our incredible coordinators keep track of every little detail so that you don’t have to! 

How are intended parents and surrogates matched?                                                                                 

Ask the agency about how surrogates and intended parents are matched. Know how the agency will help facilitate relationships in the early stages of the journey and how they would respond to any issues that may arise. At Stronger Together Surrogacy we prioritize these connections and do everything we can to facilitate a like-minded match, enabling a connected and trusting relationship between the surrogate and intended parent(s). 

Are both the intended parent(s) and surrogate required to have separate legal representation?  

For the safety of everyone involved, legal representation is a must. A good agency will be familiar with your state laws regarding gestational surrogacy and have excellent connections with attorneys specializing in reproductive medicine. 

Can the agency share an expected timeframe for the surrogacy journey?   

Some agencies will sign contracts with intended parents prior to disclosing a several years-long waitlist to match with a surrogate. Before deciding which agency to choose, ask for a timeline and make sure that it works for you. Surrogates may want to ask how many intended parent(s) are waiting to match and what the average time from sign-on to match looks like. 

While it may be tempting to choose the first agency you speak with, taking time to ask the right questions and learn exactly what to expect is worthwhile. With the support of an excellent agency, your surrogacy journey will almost certainly be remembered as one of the most significant and endearing experiences in your lifetime. Our dedicated team at Stronger Together Surrogacy is here to support you, and share your excitement, every step of the way.