9 Questions for Surrogates Considering Intended Parents

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9 Questions for Surrogates Considering Intended Parents

Choosing to become a surrogate is one of the most compassionate decisions a woman can make. For intended parents, surrogacy transforms a dream of parenthood into reality. The journey is a unique and intricate process that hinges on the relationship between surrogates and intended parents; its success requires honest and open communication, trust, and transparency.

Finding the right intended parent match is an important step to ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved. Beyond the legal and logistical aspects, surrogates should consider the emotional connection. What are the intended parents’ values? Do their expectations align with yours? Ideally, surrogates and intended parents share some values and see eye-to-eye regarding expectations for the surrogacy journey and their future relationship.

What is it like meeting Intended Parents?

The first meeting with intended parents is like laying the first brick in the foundation of a relationship. It’s ideal to begin the meeting with curiosity and sensitivity, as this will help cultivate an environment where both parties feel comfortable sharing their vision for the journey and sensitive personal information with each other. This meeting will help both the surrogate and intended parents gauge each other’s personalities and expectations to decide whether the fit is right.

Surrogates may wish to discuss how many embryos have been created, if they have been genetically tested, the number of embryos the intended parents would like to transfer, and what type of communication and relationship the intended parents envision during and after pregnancy. It is also a good idea to discuss whether the intended parents would like the surrogate to pump breastmilk after pregnancy, and if the surrogate is willing to do this. Ask the intended parents if they have any specific requests or restrictions for the pregnancy. Surrogates should express all relevant needs and concerns during this meeting. It is the time to share thoughts regarding potential visits from intended parents, and expectations for the birth, such as birthing alone or having the intended parents present, visiting the baby after birth.

Building a strong relationship with intended parents is worthwhile. Although every surrogacy journey is filled with emotions, uncertainty, and joy, navigating it together can create a strong connection. Celebrating milestones, sharing updates, and involving intended parents in the pregnancy, if agreed upon beforehand, can lead to a lasting and rewarding relationship. Asking the right questions and understanding expectations early in the process is a crucial step to a successful and memorable experience. Stronger Together Surrogacy will be here to help and guide you every step of the way. We are Stronger Together.