RESOLVE Advocacy Day: How We Are Taking Action!

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RESOLVE Advocacy Day: How We Are Taking Action!

Fertility Rights for Families!

Tomorrow is May 14, 2024, and our team at Stronger Together Surrogacy is standing with RESOLVE! We will help fight for the rights of individuals and couples who struggle to build their families.  Equally with volunteer support, RESOLVE is on the front lines and generated a large movement, in our nation’s capital and in state capitals across the country!

Melissa as State Captain for 2024

As Stronger Together Surrogacy’s Lead Advocate, I am a long-time supporter of accessible fertility benefits and Surrogacy coverage. Since the beginning of this year, I stepped up to become the Colorado and Wyoming State captain for 2024 Advocacy Day! I will be sharing my story of IVF as an experienced surrogate by participating in meetings throughout the day. With this in mind, these meetings will be with state senators and some of the House of Representatives. Along with other volunteers, this will allow a variety of experiences to come together and share our story… a true way to represent our state and bring change!!

Fertility rights for families are the top priority. Pregnancy and infertility discrimination have many safeguards in place, In the annals of 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court decreed that reproduction holds the essence of a “major life activity”. Therefore this warranted protection under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) for those facing hindrances on their path to parenthood. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reinforces the rights of individuals undergoing fertility treatments. Most important this has employers provide reasonable accommodations, including excused absences. (1)

What is the Goal?

Fertility Rights for Families!

From federal laws affecting wounded veterans, families seeking fertility care for IVF and surrogacy, to tax credits enhancing adoption affordability, Congress must be informed by the family-building community. RESOLVE actively tracks laws in all 50 states and depends on advocates on this huge day once a year. During this time, it offers the opportunity to engage with their state lawmakers and truly make a difference!

How Can You Help Support?

RESOLVE Advocacy Day is there to let your voice resonate. As soon as you are ready to take part, visit!

Fertility Rights for Families

Building Families with Stronger Together Surrogacy

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