Preparing for Baby: Helpful Tips for When Your Surrogate Is in Her Third Trimester

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Preparing for Baby: Helpful Tips for When Your Surrogate Is in Her Third Trimester

For many intended parents, the third trimester of a surrogate pregnancy feels surreal – years of dreaming, planning, and longing have already passed to reach this point. And as the weeks fly by, reality sets in. You are So. Incredibly. Close. to that magical day when your new baby will be in your arms at last! To help alleviate any obstacles during that time, a little advanced planning is worth it.

Preparations for the Months Prior to the Due Date 

Create a Birth Plan Together: Sit down with your surrogate and discuss your preferences for the birth. Collaboratively creating a birth plan can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the birthing experience aligns with both of your wishes.

Finalize Parentage Orders: Ensure that all legal paperwork regarding parentage is completed and finalized. The hospital should already have the documents on file, but it’s a good idea to keep copies of these documents readily accessible as a precaution.

Discuss Breast Milk Options: If your surrogate has agreed to provide breast milk, communicate with her about pumping and transporting arrangements. Additionally, discuss with the hospital whether they provide pumps and ensure your surrogate has one and necessary supplies for postpartum use.

Notify Health Insurance Provider: Inform your health insurance provider about the upcoming birth to ensure that all necessary arrangements are in place for coverage.

Select a pediatrician: Take the time to choose a pediatrician for your baby. Consider interviewing several options to find a healthcare provider who aligns with your preferences and values.

Preparations for the Weeks Before the Due Date or Planned Birth Date

Pack a hospital to-go bag with essentials for the hospital stay. Include copies of the birth plan and parentage orders, as well as snacks, entertainment, toiletries, a phone charger, a camera, and supplies for the baby such as diapers, clothing, and a car seat. If not receiving breast milk, be sure to bring bottles and formula of choice. Also, pack clothing that will facilitate those first skin-to-skin snuggles with your baby (eeek!) and comfortable attire for sleeping.

As anticipation builds and the arrival of your little one draws nearer, take time to celebrate how far you’ve come. Both you and your surrogate have worked hard to get to this point and have likely experienced many of the highs and lows that every journey brings. As the final countdown begins, reflect on what you’ve experienced to get here, and allow space for the incredible moments that await you on the journey ahead. Congratulations!