Do you enjoy pregnancy?

Does the following apply to you?

  • You are a United States citizen or legal resident.
  • You are between the ages of 21–40.
  • You have one or more children of your own.
  • You have not had more than three C-sections.
  • You have not had any major pregnancy complications.
  • You have a Body Mass Index of under 33.
  • You are a non-smoker and non-drug user.
  • You have good physical & mental health.
  • You agree to psychological, drug & criminal screening.
  • You have a supportive partner, friend, or family member.
  • You have not had more than 6 births.

You Qualify! Earn $65,000-$75,000 as a First time Surrogate. Proven surrogates earn $10,000 in additional base compensation per journey.